Websites Designed for Conversions

You aren’t buying a website from us, you are buying customers.

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Websites Designed for Conversions

You aren’t buying a website from us, you are buying customers.

Websites Designed
for Conversions

You aren’t buying a website from us,
you are buying customers.

Chicago Web Design Experts

Magenta Chicago Web Design Experts believes that longevity in the world of digital web solutions are proof of their commitment to deliver outstanding results for our clients. As web experts with a team of designers, developers, marketers and strategists, we provide solutions for your web design needs.

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From the development of corporate websites, e-commerce, mobile app development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, logo designing and all other related categories, Magenta Chicago Web Design Experts can help you to boost the online presence of your business.

Our team of honest experts will help you create something extraordinary and not just plain, boring digital web designs. We don’t just help you to create, but we also help you to build long-term, collaborative relationships with us as we meet your company’s goal to have a measured, informed web design and development, website maintenance and actionable digital marketing strategies. The fabric of our company is built on innovation, expertise and integrity. Those are the qualities that make Magenta Web Design Chicago different from other web design agencies. We will help you grow your business through digital strategies that no other company can do.At Magenta Chicago Web Design Experts, we make it happen.

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We love what we do

What sets Magenta Web Design apart from other web design agencies is that, we take our clients’ suggestion into consideration. Not only do we supply expert web design and marketing, but also the kind of advice that helps. It is important that we show to you that we care for you and your brand.

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We take pride in the fact that most of our clients become friends in the process. To the whole team here at Magenta Web Design, it’s about more than just putting a website together, it’s working towards a common goal – develop something unique and profitable showing the best of both worlds.

Chicago web development experts

At Magenta Chicago Web Development, going the extra mile is our top company culture as we learn the business thoroughly. We make it a point that we are taking an active part to know and understand the direction of your business, make a breakthrough with your online strategy and provide you with attainable to-do list.

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Magenta Chicago Web Development believes that helping you polish your business offer is as important as designing an excellent online strategy.

Award-winning designs

We at Magenta Web Designs are committed to become the number 1 Chicago Web Development Agency in 5 years.  Our 11 years in the web design industry gave us a lot of recognition as we continue to perfect our craft. We are always too happy to share these recognitions to our clients for they also part of our success.

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Working with us gives you the advantage of dealing with a team of award-winning designers from top ad agencies in Canada. More than 10 years of developing quality website, we know better. Our work speaks for itself. That is why when you search for us in Google, you will be surprised of numerous 5-star reviews from our valued clients.

Fixed fee business model

We put our best foot forward when it comes to web design and online marketing. Believing that this is one asset to get the job done, we always make sure that your vision will be put into action. With us, an upward bump is assured. Your business is our top priority.

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Our competitive features are what separates us from other web designers in Chicago. They love our fixed-fee business model. We discuss costings with our clients because we hate bill-shocks as much as you do.

Faster delivery

We believe that efficiency is possible without compromising quality. This is the trademark of Chicago Web Design Agency that makes us the top choice in the Web Design industry.  We hold in-house creative sessions because of our belief that face-to-face communication is important. Good communication is our key. Interaction is our best asset.

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We were able to come up and explore new ideas together with our clients when we talk and interact personally, making the process a lot easier as it cuts down a few weeks of communication time. Though it may require a lot of mental energy on our end, we are euphoric when we see that every single client comes out from our working session in complete amazement. “I wonder why my previous web design agency took 3 months to complete this project when you can do it only in an hour!” This is no word of a lie. With us, we know that time is of the essence for you and your business. Our skill is our pride and our client is our joy.

Marketing mentorship

Magenta Web Designs is committed to bring you knowledge to get your business off the ground. In the past 5 years, we have given talks and mentoring to start-up companies for we believe that even as entrepreneurs are experts in their own field, it takes more than that to run a successful business. Your success becomes our success, too. 

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Our initial consultation will help you a lot in starting your business in the online space – take advantage! Start-up businesses consider us as “MENTORS”. Established businesses call us “THE COUNCIL OF EXPERTS”. Why? Because we are tech-savvy enough to know what you need to improve their business and raise their bottom line.

As business owners ourselves, we tried strategies that yield amazing returns. With over 300+ clients under our belt, we often tap into that brain trust and saves new business owners 2-3 years of time and energy so they can fast track and become successful.

Did you know building a website
involves all 12 experts?

In today’s digital world, it takes multiple disciplinary experts working together to build a successful online marketing engine. If you think building a website only takes a designer or a developer, we challenge you to consider the followings:

Branding, how do I want my business perceived online?  Instead of just visuals, what about content?  What’s the tonality?

Content, what’s the best strategy?  How can my content be SEO friendly yet doesn’t sound like a robot?

SEO, what are the best practices for Google, for Content, for Image size (yes this matters), for Web Development (yes this matters too).

As you can see, without proper planning and every expert in the room, you are only hold one piece of the puzzle.  In our experience of building over 300 websites in the past 5 years, we believe it takes proper strategy planning to carefully executing every single detail.  When we take on any web design projects, every single expert below is in involved to ensure your online success. 

Some of our happy clients

At Magenta Web Design, we strive to provide the utmost positive client-vendor relationship. Working together in a hands-on environment, we translate the passion of a brand to the real world so our clients can grow and continue to do what they love.

  • " Robert Lowrey and everyone at Robert Lowrey Piano Experts want to take this opportunity to thank Alice Ma and her team at Magenta Design for their hard work and patience in creating the new website for our company. The entire process has been a pleasure (a lot of hard work) but a pleasure. Alice has been very open-minded, co-operative and extremely creative from the beginning. We are happy to give Magenta Design our most enthusiastic endorsement. "


    Robert Lowrey Robert Lowrey Piano Experts
  • "Magenta is a 'hands on' partner in the actualization of the dreams I hold for my business. They are each and all genuinely interested in learning all they can about what I do, and then aligning themselves with their innumerable talents. And it is from this open hearted place that Alice and her team have come from in their interactions with me, during the ongoing co-creative building process that is both of our organizations working in sync. I've worked with Alice and her team steadily over the last number of years, founded on mutual trust, and we've been growing together ever since. "


    Murray McEachern Grand Designs Coaching
  • " Throughout my career, I have worked with a lot of designers who were terrific at making things look good. However, Alice and Magenta Design's approach goes far beyond that. They are able to bring a very fresh perspective to the table, which has always resulted in designs that met Customer Needs and Business Goals in unexpected ways!

    I would recommend Magenta to anyone who needs help with Product Design work. ”


    Marius Ciuchete Păun Deux
  • I've been working with Magenta for design work for three years. They are professionals that know what they are doing and are qualified digital designers that keep current with their industry skills and knowledge. I feel I get excellent value for my money. Magenta takes a REAL interest in you and your business.


    Barbara Almond Market Us Toronto

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